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Club Lǎoshī - All the Songs + Worksheets

Are you a Mandarin teacher and worried students might find Chinese boring? Want to excite Mandarin learning and avoid common negative feedback from students, parents and school admins?

Look no further than Club Lǎoshī!

Club Lǎoshī includes STREAMING access to 100+ Chinese Buddy songs with 400+ accompanying printable activity sheets to offer a fun and Western-styled approach to Mandarin.

In total, you get exclusive access to Chinese Buddy's song library and everything is PDF easy-to-print which will save you countless hours in prep time.

Club Lǎoshī not only extends Chinese Buddy's fun songs and inspires students, but also helps teachers pass reviews from parents and school administrators alike.

Content details:

  • Streamed access to song videos -- NO ADS -- safe for class!
  • Song vocabulary review sheets with all words (Chinese character, pinyin and English translation) 
  • 400+ worksheets, including: word searches, crosswords, tasked-oriented logic puzzles, basic matching worksheets, craft activities for younger learners, and game ideas!

See these examples:

Not only that, you'll also get product updates including new worksheets and exclusive songs as they come out. See the roadmap for current updates!

So, don't let boring Mandarin lessons and negative reviews hold you back...

Subscribe to Club Lǎoshī and ensure classes roll smoothly!


1. "Is this only for Mandarin teachers at schools?"

No! Parents or homeschoolers can also use the PDF sheets to help kids learn at home. Likewise, Club Lǎoshi is also great for 1-on-1 private Mandarin lessons.

2. What's the Chinese level of the content? 

Most content is for beginner level -- HSK Level 1. All PDFs follow the content of the songs. Most worksheets work great for primary-secondary (elementary-middle school levels), but can be used by all ages of beginner learners.

3. Can Club Lǎoshī be used as stand-alone course material? 

Yes. I know many teachers who already use Chinese Buddy songs as their primary resource for teaching. But it can also easily be used a supplementary material, too!

So, don't wait. Join now!

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Club Lǎoshī - All the Songs + Worksheets

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