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Mandarin thru Songs Beginners Course! -- for self learners, homeschoolers, & schools

Chinese Buddy

Looking to avoid becoming uninspired and failing at Mandarin?

Get the 'Mandarin thru Songs Beginners Course!'

Through Chinese Buddy's original fun raps, beats, ear-worm melodies, and janky, humorous animations, basic Mandarin becomes easily learned and avoids the crash and burn so many learners get.

šŸŽµ Songs have long allowed anyone to memorise tons of information -- and Mandarin is no different!

Through the 'Mandarin thru Songs Beginners Course!' you'll not only remember basic Chinese quickly, but you'll feel excited to learn and avoid common failure.

The 'Mandarin through Songs Beginners Course' includes:

  • 52 curated song videos (stream-only), which have been ordered to progress your learning from the basics on up.
  • Includes 9 sections of learning: Greetings, Pronunciation, Numbers, Common phrases, Essential verbs, Activities, Food & Drink, Question word phrases, and Chinese Culture
  • Song lyric PDFs for each song (Simplified Chinese/pinyin/English) -- these offer a complete overview of song lyric/vocabulary.
  • Audio with the lyrics spoken SLOOOOOWLY.
  • Online practice quizzes with song vocabulary and audio -- further testing your knowledge through listening and reading.

The course:

The Songs:

The vocabulary practice:

So, who's this course for?

Learners of all ages, yes, even adults, enjoy these songs. No prior Mandarin ability is required!

  • Newbie self-learners
  • Homeschoolers looking for fun & easy Mandarin -- 100% family friendly.
  • Schools looking to make Chinese actually enjoyable (generous discounts available!)
  • Anyone looking to accelerate their exam preparation for the HSK Level 1.

So, why risk failing to learn using more traditional methods?

Get the 'Mandarin thru Songs Beginners Course!' instead!


1. Are there any other recurring or hidden charges?

Nope! You get it all. This is a one-time payment.

2. Are there any refunds?

Yes, I offer a 3-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

3. What about school/classroom discounts?

Yes! Very happy to offer generous school discounts starting for 20 students and up. Just ask for a quote here. Please tell me a little bit about your learning/school situation and how I can help!

4. Does this product have character writing?

No, this is primarily for listening, reading and speaking for HSK Level 1.

5. Are any of these songs currently on YouTube?

Only 9 songs included in the course are on YouTube. The remaining 46 videos (including surprise bonus content) are exclusive to this product.

6. I'm just a casual learner, will this help?

Greatly! All vocabulary is basic and high-frequency -- useful to anyone starting out learning Mandarin.

7. Who is the product creator -- Chinese Buddy?

This is me.

8. Still got questions?

Ask here.

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You get:

Animated song videos
Lyrics sheets
Audio w/ spoken lyrics
Online vocabulary drills
Enjoyable Mandarin factor

Mandarin thru Songs Beginners Course! -- for self learners, homeschoolers, & schools

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