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Joining the Song Club gets you STREAMING access to Chinese Buddy's 100+ Mandarin song catalogue not found on YouTube!

These catchy songs are great for Mandarin beginners and cover tons of useful vocabulary, grammar and essential topics.

Engaging song topics include:

  • Where's the Bathroom? (It's urgent!)
  • The Pearl Tea Song
  • Transportation -- Trip to China
  • Greetings of the Day
  • Dragon Boat Festival
  • I Love Fish-Ice-cream!
  • The Mamahuhu Song
  • And loads more!

Here's a fun example:

You'll even get access to songs never released to the public. See my roadmap here.

👪 All song videos are family-friendly, ad-free and contagious!

Learning Mandarin through Chinese Buddy's songs not only inspires learning, but also helps dodge the pitfalls experienced using more traditional learning methods.

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The Chinese Buddy Song Club -- All song access