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Club Lǎoshī - Mandarin Teacher Worksheets to all Chinese Buddy Songs

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Club Lǎoshī - Mandarin Teacher Worksheets to all Chinese Buddy Songs

Chinese Buddy
14 ratings

Love Chinese Buddy songs?

Are you a Mandarin teacher and looking for easy print & go sheets that perfectly match Chinese Buddy's songs?

Are you looking to link Chinese Buddy songs to other in-class activities?

Meet Club Lǎoshī!

Club Lǎoshī extends Chinese Buddy's famous Mandarin learning songs through fun activity sheets for each song. All you do is print! 

PDF sheets cover song vocabulary in a way your students will immediately love & recognise, allowing song vocabulary to be learned more deeply.

With hundreds of worksheets, Club Lǎoshi takes the guess work out of how to extend Chinese Buddy songs.

Content includes:

  • Song vocabulary review sheets with all words (Chinese character, pinyin and English translation) 
  • Game Ideas
  • Word searches and crosswords
  • Logic puzzles using Mandarin 
  • Craft activities for younger learners

See these examples:

Not only will you get amazing content but you'll also get LOADS of updates throughout the year.

Click the SUBSCRIBE button now! 

9 FAQs

1. "Is this only for Mandarin teachers at schools?"

No! Parents can also use the PDF sheets to help kids learn at home. Likewise, Club Lǎoshi is also great for 1-on-1 private Mandarin lessons.

2. "If I use a discount code, will I get charged the full price when it renews in a year?" 

No. If you first used a discount code, then it is good for as long as you stay subscribed. Each year will be charged at the same discounted price. Just remember, if you unsubscribe (leave), then later re-subscribe, you will charged full price when you join again.

3. Can't I just copy out all the PDFs and pass them off to my teacher friends and we save biggie $$$? 

Each subscription is printable content for only the purchaser to use, no matter where it is taught from Monday-Sunday. Honestly, it takes around 40+ hours of work to produce one 3-minute song, plus more time for the worksheets. Great creativity, audio, animations and worksheets are very time consuming and without your support, Chinese Buddy can't continue. 

4. What's the Chinese level of the content? 

Most content is for beginner level -- HSK Level 1. All PDFs follow the content of the songs. Please review Chinese Buddy's YouTube Channel to get feel for content level, as well. 

5. What ages can use Club Lǎoshī content?

Most worksheets work great for primary-secondary (elementary-middle school levels), but can be used by all ages of beginner learners, including adults.

6. Is there going to more worksheets for other songs not yet up? 

Yes, indeed! More content is created often and updated in the downloads. Over the past year QR code audio has been added, as well as 200+ new worksheets! Club Lǎoshī is a living, thriving product!

7. Can Club Lǎoshī be used as stand-alone course material? 

Yes. I know many teachers who already use Chinese Buddy songs as their primary resource for teaching. Club Lǎoshī just makes life for such teachers super easy. But even if you already use a different course book, then Club Lǎoshī is also excellent supplementary material to liven up lessons.

8. What if I just join for one year...then unsubscribe? 

No problem. Just know that once you have unsubscribed, you will lose access to content updates and any previous discount you've had.

9. Are my credit card/personal details secure? 

Yes, Club Lǎoshī uses Gumroad to facilitate payment and to host all content. All details are encrypted and HIGHLY secure. Chinese Buddy NEVER EVER sees any of your credit-card details. We only get notified you've paid; that's it. We do not store any of your details on our website, nor do we disclose any other information about you.

10. Is Chinese Buddy connected to Han Ban or any other part of the Chinese Government?

No. The 'Chinese' in 'Chinese Buddy' refers to the language only.

Got other questions? Email Chinese Buddy here.

So, don't wait. Join now! Click subscribe!

Club Lǎoshī will save you a ton of time & increase learning enjoyment in your students!

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